About Us

Operation Triple Threat (O.T.T), Registered Charity #1160, is a developmental performing arts program for students between the ages of 4 and 21.

The OTT Experience

Founded in 2011, the program is run by a team of dedicated local and international performance artists and educators, as well as respected industry leaders. 

Operation Triple Threat (OTT), Registered Charity #1160, is a developmental performing arts program inspired by the noticeable need for training of youths to become, what the entertainment industry calls, a ‘triple threat’ – someone who is skilled in each of the three disciplines of singing, dancing, and acting.  OTT offers holistic, intensive training for young creatives, enabling them to excel and compete at internationally recognised standards, and potentially fostering future arts practitioners. OTT is also proud to offer world-class musical theatre experiences to the Barbadian public each year.

Benefits to Stakeholders 
  • Exposing students to the genre of Musical Theatre.
  • Increasing technical knowledge and improving execution of students who are already somewhat knowledgeable or experienced in Musical Theatre, and performing in general.
  • Nurturing students’ artistic and self-expression.
  • Facilitating the networking and building of friendships between artists which could lead to future performance opportunities and collaborative works.
  • Contributing to the growth of the pool of artistic knowledge, intelligence and proficiency which can not only diversify our cultural events, but also raise the standard of artists and entertainment in Barbados.
  • Developing professional and versatile performers who can contribute to the performing arts, entertainment and tourist industries of Barbados, the region and the international community at large.
  • Generating capital for performance related service and goods providers.  

Social Responsibility 
The performing arts are not only for entertainment, but have therapeutic value, and can be used for advocacy and education. Thus, each student will also participate in performance-related community service. By including this component we hope to create awareness of each participant's environmental, social and political responsibility as artists.         

We're A Family!