Thursday, 2 March 2023


Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Something magical is coming in April!



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THANK YOU for making Fame Jr. a success!

We are so grateful to you all for helping us return to live theatre! What a fantastic night it was with such an electric and appreciative audience.

A special thank you must go to The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, Clara Lionel Foundation and Rock Hard Cares Foundation for their continued support of our charity's work with the island's youth, which goes way beyond the lights of the stage.

We'd also like to thank Nation News, Capital Media and Starcom Network for helping us let everyone know the show was happening. THANK YOU!

Finally, we want to thank all of the service providers, technical and creative crew, teaching and administrative staff, our parents and wonderful students for making this all happen under such challenging and new circumstances. We are so grateful for all of you!

Stay tuned for more screenings and live events coming your way in 2022!

Team OTT

“Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that,
because what the world needs is people who have come alive." — Howard Thurman
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Our hope for the world right now is that in every circumstance, and with increasing measure, we choose love over hate and fear.

What About Love? is from the Broadway Musical
ARRANGED BY - Rollo Dilworth
WORDS AND MUSIC BY - Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, and Stephen Bray

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I Am Nothing Without You -The Theory of Relativity by OTT.

When 2020 started we had so much hope for what it would offer.
Now the world has been turned upside down and all we seem to be left with are questions:
·       How long will this last?
·       When will I be able to hang with my friends again?
·       Will I be able to graduate?
·       Will I be able to start University in the Fall?
·       When will I be able to travel again?
·       Do I have enough food, cleaning supplies and even toilet paper, to ride this thing through?
·       Will my business make it through this?
·       If I get COVID-19, will I come out on the other side alive?
On what turned out to be the last day of rehearsal, we tried our best to tape as many scenes as possible, just to document our process, but there came a point where we couldn’t do it anymore. It was too much. The weight of our show being cancelled sat on us like a heavy cloud: we mapped out a course, but the universe had other plans…

Eventually, we just sat in a circle and sang whatever we felt would make us feel better, it was cathartic and healing, and when we finally were brave enough to sing one more song from our show, we chose the finale and that’s when the tears flowed…

As this weekend comes to an end, and we think of what would have been Closing Night, we share with you our rehearsal recording of The Theory of Relativity’s finale: “I Am Nothing Without You”.

Love, Light & Peace,
Team OTT

Reflections On Our Cancelled Show (Featuring students from the cast).
Tonight, April 3rd, 2020, would have been Opening Night for our show “The Theory of Relativity”. Instead our country goes into 24-hr Lock-down.

There's no Zoom meeting that can replace what we could have been experiencing this week if we were able to be in the theatre for hours and hours, working hard to present this show to you...
We know that you're feeling this too, and that there's literally no-one COVID-19 hasn't "touched" in
some way or fashion. We are not alone in the grief we feel.

So today we share with you a rehearsal video of the opening scene from the show that includes: “Person A” and “Relativity”. We hope that at least it provides a few minutes of escape from the madness whirling around you, but if you like it, if it touches you, we ask you to do something in return for us: make sure that today you tell your people that you love them. Today, you make sure they know that this journey on earth would be a lot less bearable without them around to share it with.

Today is Thankful Thursday!
We're thankful for the laughter, sadness and frustration, useful tips, video chats until we can finally fall asleep, photos of food made that the rest of us cannot eat, a new book to read, art projects and songs in progress, and sometimes the awkward silence that we have shared among our OTT family over the past few weeks. It all reminds us that we are alive and figuring things out the best we can, and that's enough for now... Sharing our day to day in this way, making space for each other to be seen and heard, reminds us that we are loved.
We hope you too are holding on to the joy and peace of human connection by making sure you reach out and share with your tribe.
Team OTT